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If you are interested in using our service, this is the place to start.
Get familiar with the general conditions and choose a tariff 
which fits you best. You will find a detailed explanation
 to every aspect of our service in our learn section.

Tariff structure

We offer three different tariffs to choose from.
Contract terms
Tariff Free
Tariff Private
Tariff Professional
Registration fee
25,00 €
25,00 €
25,00 €
Basic fee
0,00 €
59,95 €(annually)
199,95 €(annually)
White label address
- 24,00 € (annually)
- 12 months
12 months
Free period of storage
30 days
45 days
180 days
Exceedance of free period of storage (per parcel)
0,50 € (daily)
0,50 € (daily)
0,50 € (daily)
Storage capacity
0,50 m³
1,25 m³
3,00 m³
Extension of storage space (per m³)
15,00 €/m³ (monthly)
10,00 €/m³ (monthly)
upon request


Registration steps

To register with us you must be at least 18 years old.After choosing your tariff, you will be directed to the registration form.

In order to successfully signup, we need your general personal data for the billing purpose, as well as a copy of your valid ID or passport in order to confirm your identity. This document can easily be uploaded using the form.
You can blacken certain areas like your portrait if you do not want us to have this information. See an example.

Muster des Personalausweises“ von Bundesrepublik Deutschland, Bundesministerium des Innern - Verordnung über Personalausweise und den elektronischen Identitätsnachweis (Personalausweisverordnung – PAuswV) vom 1. November 2010, BGBl. I Nr. 54, Anhang 1, S. 1469. Lizenziert unter Gemeinfrei über Wikimedia Commons.

Usually we will verify your data within one to two working days. When this is done you will receive an email with further information regarding the process. The following steps will be:

  • Complete the registration by paying the registration fee.
  • Get your personal MyKrautbox shipping address.
~As soon as your registration is complete, you will be able to use our service straight away.
We are looking forward to receive your shipments.~
Basic Fees
For the two tariffs Private and Professional, a basic fee will be charged. This fee is due with your first order at MyKrautbox. The fee is payable along with the payment of your first invoice.

Contract period
Both, the tariff Private and the tariff Professional have a minimum contract period of 12 months. The contract will automatically be extended by the duration of the prior selected period. You can cancel your contract no later than four weeks before the contract expiration date. For the tariff Free, there are no contract periods.

If you want to close your account, please get in contact with us.

Your MyKrautbox adress
One key element of our service is the address we provide you with. It is very important that the address is labelled correctly on all shipments sent to us, because it identifies the shipment as yours. That means that it is very important that the data you give us is accurate and complete, especially your Krautbox ID is crucial.
The order of the individual customer name and the Krautbox ID is not that important for us to fulfill our service properly. This could be helpful if the number of fields in a address form is limited.
A checkout form of a merchants shop could look like the following example. Please always try to give all components of your MyKrautbox address.








We provide two types of addresses. A normal version which includes our company name and a so called white label, which is intended for companies or business usage, because it won't contain our company name.

So your address will look like one of the following two examples:

 Manuela Musterfrau


 Am Saalehang 4, 06217 Merseburg

Regular Version

Manuela Musterfrau
Will be your name
Your unique Krautbox ID
Our company name
Am Saalehang 4, 06217 Merseburg
Our warehouse address with
street, street no., zip code, city and country

 Max Mustermann

 Name of department

 Am Saalehang 4
 06217 Merseburg

White label version
Won't contain the designation "Youmain"

Max Mustermann
Will be your name (person or company)
Your unique Krautbox ID
Name of department
A special component to distinguish multiple addresses
Am Saalehang 4, 06217 Merseburg
Our warehouse address with
street, street no., zip code, city and country

The nature of our service requires the collection and verification of personal data.
We take our responsibility in regards of your personal data very seriously and only save data we really need to provide our services to you. For storage and usage of your personal data we have an agreement about data processing with our partner CDN Consulting which is now called DreamRobot GmbH. Our payment process and the data management is handled in cooperation with them.

Storage period and space
We offer different amounts of space and time periods to store your shipments with us according to the chosen tariff.

~As we're currently developing our service and running in beta phase, there is no limitation of storage space or time. 

There are certain limits even we have but they are very high and we will let you know in time if they are exceeding.~

The tariff Free gives you, you are provided with a storage space of 0,50 m³. This corresponds to the size of nine boxes each having a size of 60cm x 30cm x 30cm which we take as a standard dimension. This space can be used free of cost for 30 days.

The tariff Private offers you a storage capacity of 1,25 m³. If you would want to use the entire storage space at the same time, you would be able to store 27 boxes of the given standard size. The free storage period is 45 days.

The tariff Professional provides you with a storage space of 3,00 m³. That is enough space for 74 standard boxes or two filled EUR-pallets with a height of 1,50 m. For subscribers to that tariff, we store packages cost-free for 60 days.

Storage space extension
You always have the option to book additional space and extend the storage capacities.

If you are a user of the tariff Private or Free and you are expecting shipments that might lead to exceeding your given storage space, you can simply upgrade to get more. Additional storage space will be made available to you for a period of 30 days. The price is calculated per added cubic meter.

For professional users we will find an individual solution upon request.