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Environmental policy
Your packages are in save hands!

In your interest, it may happen that we check your packages for security reasons before forwarding them. We verify that the right items have been sent, that they are in a good condition and if the content corresponds to the statements on the customs form.

Else, it may lead to delays in customs clearance, returns or even confiscation and penalties for the consignee.

At no time, we will collect or retain any personal data or data relating to your shipments. The protection of personal data and personality rights are our first priority.

So that you can be sure to be in control of your data at any time, we have concluded an agreement on order-related data processing with our partner CDN Consulting.

Carbon neutral transport

Environmentally friendly and sustainable shipping is also of considerable importance to us. Both, DPD and DHL have developed programs that make carbon neutral transport possible.

Through its Go Green program, the logistics market leader DHL promotes the local production of ceramic water filters for the treatment of drinking water for private households in Cambodia; energy generation from landfill gases that are no longer able to escape into the atmosphere in Turkey and wind power plants in Nicaragua. Recently the company has even incorporated its own program in Lesotho: highly efficient wood stoves are used to save firewood in order to counteract the deforestation in the small African country.

Moreover, DHL has launched a pilot project in Bonn, the former capital of the FRG (Federal Republic of Germany), where delivery services are carried out with electric vehicles. In case the project turns out to be successful, the company will expand its delivery service carried out in electric cars.

With the Total Zero initiative, DPD, which transports about two million packages per day, adopts similar approaches.  DPD reduces greenhouse gas emissions by completely omitting air freight shipments within Europe. Despite all company efforts, large amounts of CO2 accrue. Therefore, DPD invests in environmental projects worldwide in collaboration with CDC Climat.

Environmentally friendly packaging

As sustainability is an integral part of our company’s philosophy, we take great care that the environment is not unnecessarily polluted. That is why we exclusively use recycled and biodegradable packaging made from renewable resources that we partly produce ourselves on site using old cardboard boxes.

When we consolidate your shipments or when we repack them, we fall back on such packing materials that won’t inflict damages on the environment.


All processes in our offices proceed in an efficient energy use and mostly without the use of paper.

  • E-mails are not printed
  • All data is preferably digitally archived
  • Paper is printed on both sides or is used as scratch paper
  • Standby devices are switched off intelligently
  • Through laser printers (ink saving) and laptops (energy saving) we work efficiently
  • All advertising material is produced ecologically