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What lies behind the idea of this Krautbox?
~Over 50% of German online stores do not offer international shipping. With MyKrautbox,
we enable customers worldwide to buy in Germany, as if they were living in Germany themselves.~

Even at major companies, such as Amazon .or Ebay, it often depends on the respective retailer, if international shipping is available or not. With our service, you get the possibility to buy and receive products at all German online stores from wherever you are in the world. Moreover, we set the goal for us to make our logistics services available not only to companies, but also to end customers to reasonable prices and to provide extensive online services.

  • For Germans living abroad MyKrautbox offers Po boxes and storage space that can comfortably be managed online from home
  • MyKrautbox is an international postal service that mainly aims at providing services for foreign customers shopping at German online stores

What is special about this idea?

  • Customers from abroad can buy at German online retailers that do not offer international shipping (e.g. Otto, Tchibo or SportScheck)
  • Price advantages, through low shipping costs and legal safeguard for customers and retailers are ensured since German country-specific legal requirements apply
  • A German shipping address for packages, letters and magazines including the following services:
    1. Temporary storage and consolidation - Put several orders into one package and save money!
    2. Reception and forwarding abroad - We send you your package to any country!
    3. Digitization of printed matter - digitalize your mail for easier management!
  • Transparency of cost and performance - easy tariff overview
  • Simple and quick calculation of shipping prices calculated via our shipping calculator
  • Online item check by reference to automatic generated pictures at receipt of goods
  • Manage all services directly from our online platform
Our services at a glance:
  • Reception and storage of packages, letters and magazines/newspapers
  • Forwarding of packages (separately or consolidated)
  • (Automatic) forwarding of letters (separately or consolidated)
  • (Automatic) digitization of letters, documents and other printed material
  • We also forward official correspondence to you
In addition we offer:
  • Return service (in case your purchased items do not meet your expectations)
  • Online management of your packages and documents
  • Complete your customs declaration online
  • Several tariff options(Free, Private, Professional)
  • Multilingual website (German, English, French)
  • Individual delivery address (leaving out the designation MyKrautbox)
  • Shipping within Germany
  • Sustainability Philosophy - packaging is biodegradable and optional carbon neutral shipping available
Use locational advantages
Our company is located in Merseburg (Saxony-Anhalt), very close to the DHL World Cargo Center in Leipzig as well as to other depot locations (UPS, TNT, DPD, Hermes, GLS) in Central Germany.
Personal Appeal

Hermann Hetzer, founder of MyKrautbox