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The Idea
MyKrautbox takes MINI Cooper to BMW-Museum
What exactly do you do when your car breaks down in a foreign country? Exactly this happened to my friend Paul in Brazil. On his journey throughout South America he had his MINI Cooper designed by street artists. After about 12.000 miles his clutch broke.

At the dealership he was told that repair costs would amount to $2.000 and that the delivery period would be uncertain. Paul would not let himself get into this. But leaving his car behind was out of the question. Fortunately, help was at hand. By searching the internet, he found a clutch for €185 on a website of a German online shop. But the trader was not willing to deliver outside Germany. That is when Paul called us to ask if we could take delivery of his clutch and send it to Brazil.

Absolutely! Thanks to our online shop we have aquired practical knowledge concerning international shipping.

Paul was able to save a great amount of money and time. And the MINI now is an object of art and part of the permanent exhibition in the BMW Museum in Munich. This is one of the events that brought up the startup idea of delivery forwarding.

The demand grows
Originally, we sold „green“ electronics and ecological toys in our online shop what gave us the chance to develop our presence on the German market. But after only a short time, we gained new customers from all around the world. More and more joined us. And at some point, one of them asked us if it was possible to ship items he bought from another German store that won’t deliver to his country directly to him.
A growing number of our customers started asking the very same question because they found out that online shopping in Germany can be very complicated since many retailers deliver exclusively within Germany. We wanted to make a change and soon, the idea of mail forwarding evolved.
So, we came up with the idea of founding MyKrautbox that would enable anyone across the globe to order goods in Germany that will then be forwarded by us to the country of destination.